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We judge others as we judge ourselves

A potent quote that propels us into a deep exploration of our psychology. In essence, this speaks to our tendency to project our insecurities, beliefs, and perceptions onto others as a lens through which we evaluate them.

The Projection Principle

In psychology, the concept of projection refers to our propensity to ascribe feelings, thoughts, or attitudes that we possess but do not want to acknowledge onto someone else. We are, in essence, seeing a reflection of ourselves in others. So, when we pass judgement on others, it’s often a direct reflection of our self-judgement.

Ask yourself: Are the traits that irritate you in others, often the ones you’re struggling with personally?

Introspection: A Key to Understanding

Recognising this propensity to judge others as we judge ourselves can lead to a profound shift in understanding not just others, but ourselves as well. Introspection and self-awareness become vital tools. By reflecting on the judgements we make, we can uncover deeper truths about our attitudes, insecurities, and biases.

Reflect on this: What does your judgement of others reveal about your self-perception and values?

From Judgement to Empathy

Understanding that our judgement of others is a reflection of our self-judgement also paves the way to empathy. Once we realise that the traits we criticise in others are often the ones we’re critical of in ourselves, it allows us to approach others with more compassion and understanding.

Consider this: How can awareness of your judgements lead to more empathy towards others?

Self-Compassion: The Antidote to Judgement

At the heart of it all, the remedy to this cycle of judgement lies in self-compassion. By being kinder to ourselves, acknowledging our imperfections, and accepting our flaws, we can reduce our tendency to judge ourselves harshly. And in turn, this can lessen our propensity to judge others.

Think about this: How can cultivating self-compassion influence the way you view others?

Reflective Quiz

Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).

  • I am aware that my judgement of others often reflects my self-judgement.
  • I regularly engage in introspection to understand my attitudes and biases.
  • I understand that my judgement of others can be a route to deeper self-understanding.
  • I see the value in empathy as a response to judgement.
  • I believe that self-compassion can reduce my propensity to judge myself and others.

Reflecting on these statements can provide insights into your understanding of judgement, empathy, and self-compassion. If you scored lower on some statements, consider how you might foster more empathy and self-compassion in your life. Remember, the way we judge others is often a mirror reflecting how we judge ourselves.

Self Drive Psychology Summary

The quote “We judge others as we judge ourselves” shines a light on our tendency to project our insecurities and biases onto others. Recognising this can lead to deeper self-awareness and more empathy towards others. The antidote to this cycle of judgement is self-compassion. By being kinder to ourselves, we can change our tendency to judge others, leading to healthier relationships and a more empathetic worldview.


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