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40. The Need for Organisation

Organisation is not just about tidiness or orderliness. For many, it’s a coping mechanism, a way to handle the chaos of daily life. Some people may feel overwhelmed or anxious without a structure in place, highlighting the deep psychological and sociological impacts of organisation.

Why It’s Challenging

We live in a busy world where information, tasks, and responsibilities can be opverwhelming. For those who lean towards organisational habits, a lack of structure can make them feel lost, increasing stress and anxiety.

Supporting Ourselves and Others

Recognising the significance of organisation in one’s life can be enlightening. It’s essential to understand that for many, organising is not about being meticulous but about finding a semblance of control in an unpredictable environment.

Practical Steps to Enhance Organisation Skills

  • Start Small: Begin with a single drawer, a desk, or a daily task. Over time, this can expand into organising larger areas or more significant aspects of life.
  • Tools and Techniques: Using tools like planners, calendars, and organisational apps can significantly help. Learning about time-management in this article can provide additional insights.
  • Set Realistic Goals: It’s important not to overwhelm oneself. Setting achievable organisation goals can prevent burnout and ensure consistency.
  • Routines: Establishing daily or weekly routines can provide structure. More on the importance of routines can be found here.
  • Seek External Input: Sometimes, an outsider’s perspective can offer invaluable insights. Sharing organisational challenges with trusted friends or referring to insights on validation can be beneficial.


  • Digital Files: Sarah used to struggle with finding important documents on her computer. She decided to spend an afternoon creating folders and labelling them appropriately. This small act transformed her workflow and reduced her daily stress.
  • Wardrobe: James felt overwhelmed every morning deciding what to wear. He reorganised his wardrobe, grouping items by type and occasion, which simplified his morning routine.
  • Meal Planning: Anita found it stressful to decide on meals daily. She began planning her meals a week in advance, which not only reduced her stress but also led to healthier eating habits.

Self Drive Psychology Summary

Organisation can be an essential tool for many to navigate the complexities of daily life. By adopting manageable strategies, one can transform their surroundings and mindset, leading to reduced stress and an enhanced sense of control.

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