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Time Travel Therapy: Using Your Future Self to Improve Today

Do you often ponder about the future? More specifically, about who you will be, what you will be doing, or how you will feel in a decade or so? It’s a natural human tendency to be curious about our future, but what if these thoughts could be harnessed as a powerful tool for self-improvement today? Welcome to the concept of Time Travel Therapy.

The Theory: Stepping into Tomorrow Today

Time Travel Therapy is based on the principle of envisioning our future selves and using that insight to positively affect our present actions and decisions. The idea is to make your future self more tangible and less abstract. Research suggests that people who feel a closer connection to their future selves are more likely to make decisions that benefit them in the long term, such as saving for retirement or leading a healthier lifestyle.

The Practice: Picturing Your Future Self

To put Time Travel Therapy into practice, begin with visualisation exercises. Picture yourself in the future. What are your hopes, dreams, and ambitions? Where are you living? What does a day in your life look like? The more vivid the image, the more real your future self becomes. This visualisation serves as a beacon, guiding your actions in the present.

Use Your Future Self as a Therapeutic Tool

Once you have a clear image of your future self, you can use it as a therapeutic tool. When faced with a decision, ask yourself what would your future self advise? This perspective can help you make healthier choices, motivate you to pursue long-term goals, and foster a mindset of growth and resilience.

Strengthening the Connection

To keep your future self from fading into the realm of the abstract, regularly revisit and revise your vision. Your future self is not set in stone but evolves with you. Updating this vision keeps the connection strong and relevant.

Time Travel Therapy: A Path to a Better Present

In essence, Time Travel Therapy is about creating a dialogue between your present and future self. It’s about understanding that every action taken in the present is a stepping stone towards the future. By keeping your future self in mind, you can navigate the journey of life in a more conscious and purposeful way.

Reflective Thoughts

  • Can you picture your future self? What do they look like, and how do they feel?
  • How can you start making decisions today that your future self will thank you for?
  • What steps can you take to maintain a strong connection with your future self?

Self Drive Psychology Summary

Understanding Time Travel Therapy brings to light a fascinating approach for personal growth. The concept, grounded in creating a tangible connection with our future selves, influences our present behaviour in a positive manner. Through visualisation exercises, we can make a vivid image of our future selves, which subsequently serves as a guide for present actions and decisions. To maintain this vision of the future self relevant, we need to revisit and update it regularly, acknowledging that our future selves evolve with us. The crux of Time Travel Therapy lies in fostering a dialogue between our present and future selves, cultivating a deep understanding that our current actions are the stepping stones towards the future. Your takeaway action step from this article: set aside a quiet moment for yourself today and try visualising your future self. Let this image guide your decisions and actions, starting now.

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