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5. Routines and Their Importance

For many, routines provide a sense of order and predictability. For individuals on the autism spectrum, routines might take on an even more significant role, becoming pivotal for emotional and mental well-being.

Grasping the Depth of Routines

Whether it’s following a particular morning regimen, sticking to a specific meal schedule, or even travelling the same route daily, these routines create a structure. It’s not just about predictability, but also about the comforting familiarity they offer amidst an unpredictable world.

Why Routines Matter

Routines provide a safety net. They reduce the cognitive load of decision-making and offer safety from unexpected changes, which can be particularly distressing for those who have sensitivities, like those with autism. Routines can offer a sense of control in a world that sometimes feels overwhelming, making them vital for mental well-being and autonomy.

Supporting Ourselves and Others

Recognising the importance of routines for ourselves and those around us can foster empathy and support. While flexibility is crucial, understanding and respecting the significance and need for routines for some can build stronger relationships and mutual respect.

Practical Steps to Respect and Adapt to Routines

  • Consistent Communication: If there’s a potential change in routine, communicating it in advance can help prepare mentally and reduce anxiety.
  • Visual Aids: Using charts, calendars, or apps to visualise routines can be helpful, especially if adjustments need to be made.
  • Gradual Changes: If a routine needs alteration, doing it in small, manageable steps can make the transition smoother.
  • Understand the Importance: For someone deeply rooted in their routines, understanding its importance can bridge the gap. This awareness can foster a more supportive environment, especially when disruptions are unavoidable, like during new situations.


  • Structured Day: Starting the day with a set routine, like reading for 10 minutes, followed by breakfast, can set a positive tone for the rest of the day.
  • Familiar Transitions: If moving houses or changing schools, visiting the new place multiple times before the actual transition can make the change less daunting.
  • Travel Preparation: For those who find comfort in travelling the same route daily, a sudden detour can be distressing. Using mapping tools to familiarise with alternative paths can be beneficial.

Self Drive Psychology Summary

The beauty of life lies in its patterns and rhythms. For those who find comfort in routines, they become more than just habits; they are lifelines. By understanding and supporting the role of routines, we can cultivate an environment of respect, adaptability, and growth for ourselves and those around us.

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