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The New Route Challenge: Take a different route to work, school, or another place you frequently visit.

We are creatures of habit. From our morning routines to the routes we take to work or school, these habits provide a sense of stability and control. While this can bring comfort, it also limits our experiences and perspectives. How, then, can we gently push our boundaries and refresh our worldview? Enter the New Route Challenge.

Why a New Route?

Routines are efficient and reliable. They ensure we reach our destinations on time without much thought. However, they also tend to make our days blend into one another, causing us to overlook the world outside our bubbles. By switching up your route, you can break the monotony, enhance mindfulness, stimulate creativity, and even discover new places right in your neighbourhood.

Change Your Journey, Change Your Mind

It’s fascinating how changing our physical path can alter our mental one. A new route presents unfamiliar sights, sounds, and even smells. This prompts our brains to work a little harder, sparking curiosity and keeping us engaged in the present moment. Furthermore, breaking away from routine can increase our adaptability and problem-solving skills.

The New Route Challenge: How to Start

It’s simple: pick a place you regularly go to and find a different way to get there. You could walk, cycle, or drive along unfamiliar roads, or take a different bus or train. Use your senses to take in new surroundings, observe the details and differences, and make mental notes of interesting spots you may want to revisit.

Reflective Thoughts

Think about your typical route to your regular destinations. How much of it do you actually notice? Could you draw it from memory? How many other routes could you take? How would it feel to break out of the autopilot mode and challenge yourself with the New Route Challenge? This could be an exercise in mindfulness, adaptability, and novelty. Who knows? You might just find your new favourite coffee shop, park, or scenic route to enjoy!

Self Drive Psychology Summary

The New Route Challenge encourages us to break out of our daily routines, embrace change, and actively engage with our environment. This shift in routine can enhance mindfulness, stimulate creativity, and strengthen our adaptability. So, for the next week, consider taking a different route to work, school, or any other frequent destination. Embrace the new sights and experiences, and observe how this simple change can refresh your perspective and enrich your daily life.


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