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In the complex landscape of modern life, traditional vocabularies sometimes fall short in capturing the nuances of our experiences. Whether it’s the emotional turmoil of “Option Overwhelm” or the ego-driven lens of “Main Character Syndrome,” we need a fresh set of terms that can guide us through the complexities of today’s world. This article argues for the creation of a people-powered lexicon— a vocabulary of daily change that resonates with our lived experiences.

The Evolution of Language and Thought

Language shapes thought, and thought shapes action. Philosophers like Wittgenstein have long posited the intimate connection between the words we use and the realities we perceive. When we can name something, we can think about it more clearly, discuss it more effectively, and address it more successfully.

Psychological Insight: Cognitive Framing

The concept of “cognitive framing” in psychology underpins the significance of language in shaping our perception. When we give a name to a complex emotional or psychological state, we’re creating a frame that allows us to understand, analyse, and ultimately solve the problem.

By the People, For the People: A Democratic Lexicon

Traditional dictionaries are often prescriptive, detailing what language should be rather than what it is. However, the challenges we face today are unique and ever-evolving, requiring a lexicon that is both descriptive and democratic. These terms shouldn’t be created in academic ivory towers but should emerge organically from everyday experiences.

Real-Life Scenario: “Mindshui”

Take for example the term “Mindshui,” a blend of ‘mind’ and ‘feng shui.’ It refers to the act of decluttering your mental space for improved well-being. Most people can relate to the feeling of mental clutter, but without a term to describe it, the discussion remains amorphous. With “Mindshui,” people can now identify, discuss, and address this common experience.

Other Examples of Self Drive Psychology Vocabulary

Here are a few more examples of words and phrases that could populate our lexicon of daily change:

  • Productivity Guilt: The anxiety that arises from not being “productive” enough.
  • Zoom Fatigue: The tiredness caused by excessive virtual meetings.
  • Connection Deficit: The feeling of isolation despite being digitally connected.
  • Choice Chokehold: The paralysis that arises when faced with too many options.
  • Social Scrollhole: The act of mindlessly scrolling through social media, often leading to negative emotional states.


Self Drive Psychology Summary

A vocabulary of daily change, democratically created and user-tested, can empower us to better navigate our lives. By giving names to the problems, dilemmas, and emotional states we encounter, we’re better equipped to understand and tackle them. As we continue to evolve and face new challenges, so too should our language, serving as a dynamic tool for framing, understanding, and ultimately mastering the art of daily change.


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