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This site has been made with the soul intention of helping others. If it has worked for you, then we’ld love you to share your success stories to help us develop what we do.

Welcome to Your Quick Start & Privacy Guide!

Getting Started: Using this chatbot is not just easy it can be hugely enlightening! Just type your questions, and explore the answers to guide you toward deeper insights and life-changing results. No special steps needed just the desire to ask good questions.

Privacy Assurance: We value your privacy. Your conversations are not recorded or stored on our site, and information is only shared to process your inquiries with the utmost confidentiality.

About This Service: This chatbot is a free service provided by Self Drive Coaching. Run and managed by Clive Wilson who has a background in psychology and residential child care. Clive aims to make his Self Drive Psychology framework accessible to those who would not nomally be able to access the help they might need. Personalised coaching is also available if you seek further guidance.

Please remember this is only an advisory service and is not a replacement for professional help should you need or be able to access it.

Begin your journey to better questions and transformative answers today!

Try our chatbots and create some real change in your life.

Full terms and conditions and privacy policy here, but if you want the shortened version we are not using your data for any other purpose than to provide you a response that may help.


Get in touch if you would like to request an request a new resource article or course or to share feedback, success stories or would somehow like to contribute to the growth of this project. We are also happy to recieve

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