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Welcome to the Autism Skills Mapper Quiz

Unlock deeper insights into your unique strengths and areas for growth. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with autism, support someone with autistic traits, or are simply curious, this mapping tool offers a free email summary of various aspects of your behaviour, emotion, and interaction and links for you to explore further

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  • Gain a detailed map of your unique skills and areas to develop.
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Autism Skills Mapper Quiz

Based on the same questions we also offer the Skills mapper quiz which again is not a diagnostic tool but will hopefully help you reveal insights into what you find easy and hard. This also links to resources you will hopefully find helpful.


The Self Drive Psychology Autism Skills Mapper Quiz

This isn't a diagnostic tool, but a reflective guide for everyone. At Self Drive Psychology, we believe in celebrating strengths and understanding weaknesses to enrich our lives. Regardless of your connection to autism, this quiz offers insights and actionable tips for all. Dive in and discover more about yourself.

1 / 40

Do you find certain sensory inputs (like bright lights, loud sounds, or certain textures) overwhelming or distressing?


2 / 40

Do you find it challenging to initiate or maintain conversations?

3 / 40

Do you find it difficult to understand or interpret non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions or body language?

4 / 40

Do you have specific hobbies or topics you're deeply passionate about?

5 / 40

Do you strongly prefer sticking to established routines?

6 / 40

Do you often notice small details that others might overlook?

Is this your super power?

7 / 40

Do you find it challenging to manage or express your emotions?

8 / 40

Do you find it difficult to form and maintain close relationships?

9 / 40

Do you struggle to understand the unwritten rules of social interaction?

10 / 40

Do you face challenges in tasks that require planning or organisation?

11 / 40

Do you excel in certain areas, such as mathematics or pattern recognition?

12 / 40

Do you find tasks requiring hand-eye coordination or balance challenging?

13 / 40

Do you often experience anxiety in unfamiliar situations or environments?

14 / 40

Do you find tasks related to day-to-day living skills challenging?

15 / 40

Do you find it difficult to process or understand information when there's background noise?

16 / 40

Do you find it hard to adjust when things don’t go as expected?

17 / 40

Do you struggle to understand or predict other people's feelings or reactions?

18 / 40

Do you often engage in repetitive actions or rituals?

19 / 40

Do you find it challenging to understand abstract concepts or idioms?

20 / 40

Do you often prefer solitary activities over group interactions?

21 / 40

Do you find it difficult to cope with unexpected changes in your daily schedule?

22 / 40

Do you struggle to understand or interpret sarcasm and jokes?

23 / 40

Do you find it challenging to engage in imaginative or pretend play?

24 / 40

Do you struggle with gauging the passage of time or managing your time effectively?

25 / 40

Do you feel discomfort or pain from certain types of touch or textures?

26 / 40

Do you have a very narrow range of foods you are comfortable eating?

27 / 40

Do you find it hard to understand or process visual information, especially in busy environments?

28 / 40

Do you often seek predictability and struggle when faced with unpredictable situations?

29 / 40

Do you feel strongly about maintaining a particular distance from others?

30 / 40

Do you tend to interpret statements and instructions very literally?

31 / 40

Do you often avoid making or sustaining eye contact with others?

32 / 40

Do you find it especially hard to handle criticism or negative feedback?

33 / 40

Do you have an exceptional memory for specific details or facts?

34 / 40

Do you feel easily overwhelmed in crowded or noisy social settings?

35 / 40

Do you react strongly or differently to medications compared to others?

36 / 40

Do you feel deeply about fairness and justice, and get upset when things don't seem right?

37 / 40

Do you often seek validation or assurance from others in your actions and decisions?

38 / 40

Do you find it challenging to manage multiple tasks at once?

39 / 40

Do you often feel anxious or fearful about encountering new situations or experiences?

40 / 40

Do you have the ability to intensely focus on a specific task or activity for extended periods?


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