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Exploring the Autism Spectrum: Understand & Navigate Challenges

Social Skills

  1. Do you find it challenging to start or maintain conversations with peers?
  2. Do you often feel unsure about when to join a group activity or conversation?
  3. Do you struggle with understanding or expressing emotions in social settings?
  4. When friends or peers change plans unexpectedly, does this upset you?
  5. Do you have difficulty reading or understanding other people’s facial expressions?
  6. Do group activities or team sports make you feel anxious or overwhelmed?
  7. Do you prefer to play or work alone rather than in groups?
  8. Do you find it hard to share or take turns with others?

Communication Skills

  1. Do you find it difficult to understand jokes, sarcasm, or idioms?
  2. Do you prefer to talk about your own interests rather than listen to others?
  3. Do you find it challenging to make eye contact when speaking to someone?
  4. Are you more comfortable with written communication than verbal?
  5. Do you often take things very literally, struggling with abstract concepts?
  6. Do you find it hard to tell or understand stories with a clear beginning, middle, and end?
  7. Do you have a unique way of speaking, such as a formal tone or a particular rhythm?
  8. Do you struggle with understanding the difference between a question, statement, or command?

Behavioural and Emotional Regulation

  1. Do you have specific routines or ways of doing things that you’re uncomfortable changing?
  2. Are unexpected changes in plans or routines very distressing for you?
  3. Do you have intense reactions to seemingly minor problems or inconveniences?
  4. Do you engage in repetitive behaviours, like hand-flapping or rocking, especially when anxious or excited?
  5. Do you have difficulty understanding or managing your own emotions?
  6. Do you find it hard to grasp or empathize with others’ emotions or points of view?
  7. Do you become fixated on certain topics or activities and find it hard to shift focus?
  8. Are transitions (like moving from one activity to another) challenging for you?

Sensory Sensitivities

  1. Are you sensitive to certain textures of clothing or food?
  2. Do you find specific sounds, lights, or smells overwhelming or distressing?
  3. Do you have a heightened or reduced sense of pain compared to others?
  4. Do you find crowded or loud places particularly challenging?
  5. Are you either over-responsive or under-responsive to temperature changes?
  6. Do you have specific food aversions based on texture or temperature?
  7. Do you get easily overwhelmed in environments with lots of visual or auditory stimuli?
  8. Do you frequently seek out certain sensory experiences, such as spinning or touching certain textures?


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