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Pete Cohen’s free 30 day Kick Start Programme

Pete Cohen’s “30-Day Kick Start” course is a transformative program designed to help individuals jumpstart their lives and achieve their goals. Through a combination of mindset coaching, nutrition guidance, and fitness strategies, Pete Cohen guides participants on a comprehensive journey towards personal growth, health, and success.

The course begins by focusing on mindset, intentions and self-belief, as Pete believes that true change starts from within. Participants are encouraged to examine their limiting beliefs, redefine their self-image, and cultivate a positive mindset that supports their goals. Pete provides practical tools and techniques to overcome obstacles, manage stress, and develop resilience.

In terms of nutrition, the “30-Day Kick Start” course educates participants on making healthier food choices and creating sustainable eating habits. Pete emphasises the importance of balanced nutrition, portion control, and mindful eating. He offers meal plans, recipes, and expert advice to support individuals in optimising their diet for vitality and well-being.

The fitness component of the course is designed to help participants establish an active lifestyle and find joy in movement. Pete introduces various exercise routines, ranging from cardio workouts to strength training and flexibility exercises. He emphasises the importance of finding physical activities that individuals enjoy and can incorporate into their daily routine.

Throughout the 30 days, Pete provides ongoing support, motivation, and accountability to keep participants engaged and on track. He offers live coaching sessions, group discussions, and a supportive community to foster a sense of connection and collective progress.

By the end of the “30-Day Kick Start” course, participants can expect to experience improved mental clarity, increased energy levels, enhanced physical fitness, and a greater sense of empowerment and self-confidence. Pete Cohen’s program serves as a catalyst for positive change, equipping individuals with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to kick-start their journey towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

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