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Depression is a normal human response when we lose hope with the life we have and fantasise about the life we think we should have.

Depression, an affliction impacting millions globally, is often misunderstood. It’s important to note that depression isn’t a sign of weakness, nor is it simply a reaction to unfortunate circumstances. The quote, “Depression is a normal human response when we lose hope with the life we have and fantasise about the life we think we should have,” sheds some light on the complex nature of this mental health condition.

The Interplay of Hope and Reality

The Role of Hope

Hope plays a vital role in human life. It is the fuel that drives our dreams, sustains us during challenging times, and helps us to look forward to the future. However, when we lose hope, we lose our internal compass, our sense of purpose, and our zest for life we can stop taking actions that could help redress the balance.

When Reality Bites

Depression can surface when there is a stark contrast between the life we have and the life we desire. We start feeling hopeless when our reality doesn’t meet our expectations, and it feels like there’s no way to bridge that gap.

Fantasising about an Unlived Life

The ‘Should Have’ Syndrome

Fantasising about the life we think we should have often sets unrealistic expectations and can be a potent catalyst for depression. It’s a trap that makes us believe that happiness and satisfaction are always just beyond our reach, in another place, another job, another relationship, or another version of ourselves.

Navigating Through Depression

Finding the Hope Within

Overcoming depression often involves rediscovering hope in our current life, instead of yearning for an idealised one. It’s about recognising the value in our present circumstances, acknowledging our struggles, and cultivating resilience.

Embracing Reality

Instead of falling into the ‘should have’ trap, embrace the reality of ‘what is’. This doesn’t mean settling for less; it means accepting where you are right now and making the best of it. It’s the first step towards meaningful change.

Self Drive Psychology – Seeking Support, Moving Forward

Depression is a complex issue that requires understanding, compassion, and professional help. If you find yourself losing hope and fantasising about a life you think you should have, reach out to friends and family or a mental health professional. There’s no shame in asking for help, and remember, it’s never too late to regain hope and rewrite your story. Your current circumstances are just a single chapter in your life, not the whole book.


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