Module 3: Advanced Techniques

Hello and welcome to the third module of our phone photography masterclass, “Zoom and Wide Angle Features.” The goal of this module is to understand and utilise the power of different lenses and modes in your smartphone camera to enhance the quality of your photos.

Let’s get started with what we’ll cover in this module:

Zooming In: Understanding when and how to use the zoom feature on your phone is crucial. We will look at the difference between optical and digital zoom, and when to use each one. You’ll also learn how to avoid common pitfalls such as loss of image quality when zooming in.

Going Wide: Many phones now have a built-in wide-angle lens which can help you capture stunning landscapes, cityscapes, and even group photos. You’ll learn how to best use this feature to your advantage, including the key compositional elements to keep in mind when shooting wide-angle photos.

Framing and Composition: With the use of zoom and wide-angle features, your framing and composition possibilities multiply. We will discuss techniques for composing images with these features in mind, such as fitting everything into a wide-angle shot or selecting the perfect details with zoom.

Examples and Practice: We’ll end the module with some examples of well-composed photos using zoom and wide-angle features and give you some assignments to help you put these lessons into practice.

Video Break

Self Drive Psychology Main Takeaways

Mastering the use of different lenses and modes in your phone camera can drastically enhance your photos, providing more opportunities to create dynamic and engaging shots.

Next up: Module 4 – Editing with Snapseed.


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