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The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf

In this revolutionary book, Naomi scrutinises the societal fixation on physical appearance and the power dynamics interlaced within it. Let’s delve deeper into the profound lessons it offers. The Tyranny of the Beauty Myth Naomi compellingly argues that as women have gained increased rights and freedoms, societal pressures about physical beauty have grown stronger. This […]

Moving On from Betrayal: Healing After a Cheating Partner

Experiencing betrayal from a cheating partner is a deeply painful experience, marked by a whirlwind of emotions from anger to sadness, disbelief to fear. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that there is a pathway to healing and moving on. How do we navigate this process? Acceptance and Emotional Release The first step towards healing is […]

Good Vibes – Good Life by Vex King

Good Vibes, Good Life is a contemporary guidebook that explores the concept of self-love and positivity. King beautifully ties the idea of personal wellbeing to the energy we exude and attract. Understanding Good Vibes “Good Vibes” is more than a popular phrase. It refers to the positive energy we generate when our thoughts, words, and […]

It’s Hard to Love Another If You Don’t Love Yourself

Unpacking the Wisdom of Self-Love The quote “It’s hard to love another if you don’t love yourself” provides a profound insight into the dynamics of love and relationships. It speaks to the critical role that self-love plays in our ability to love others healthily and meaningfully. The Foundation of Self-Love Self-love is more than just […]

Build your sense of worth daily and dont rely on the reflection of others.

Building Self-Worth: The Essential Task This compelling quote underscores a profound truth – your self-worth should primarily come from within. It’s easy to seek external validation, yet it’s often fleeting and unreliable. Instead, cultivating a solid foundation of self-worth can significantly enhance your life experience. The Fallacy of External Validation We live in a society […]

Learning to Love Yourself in a Relationship

One of the most profound experiences in life is being in a relationship. It can be a source of joy and shared growth, but it can also become a maze of self-doubt and personal change. One of the key questions we often find ourselves asking is, “Am I changing for them or for me?” Learning […]

Top Tips to Enable a Narcissist

Narcissism is a personality disorder characterised by a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, a lack of empathy for others, and an inflated sense of self-importance. Such relationships are typically unhealthy and toxic. However, to play the devil’s advocate, let’s explore how one could enable a narcissist: Always Put Their Needs First The narcissist […]

Fostering Kindness While Honouring Personal Boundaries

In a world that can sometimes feel full of negativity, the act of showing kindness can be a powerful force for positive change. However, as important as it is to be kind, it’s equally crucial to respect our personal boundaries to ensure our well-being. This delicate balancing act involves the interplay of our desire to […]

Chasing Emotional Entertainment in Relationships

Falling in love is exhilarating, filled with the intoxicating rush of new experiences, shared moments, and exciting possibilities. But what happens when that initial thrill fades, and the pursuit of novelty takes precedence over nurturing the relationship? This article explores the phenomenon where individuals lose interest as soon as they have become secure in a […]

Is someone projecting their sh*t onto you?

Projection is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when individuals attribute their own unconscious thoughts, feelings, or qualities onto others. It is a defense mechanism that helps protect our self-image and cope with uncomfortable or unacceptable aspects of ourselves. However, projection can hinder personal growth, damage relationships, and create misunderstandings. In this article, we will explore […]

Understanding Triggers: The First Step in Changing Reactionary Behaviour

The Power of Triggers Everyone has triggers — situations, people, or environments that elicit strong emotional responses. But why do these triggers have such a profound impact on us, and how can understanding them help us change our reactionary behaviours? Triggers often root themselves in past experiences, particularly ones from our childhood. When we encounter […]

Understanding Trauma Bonding

Trauma bonding is a psychological response to abuse, where the person being mistreated feels a strong emotional attachment to their abuser. It’s most common in situations involving continuous cycles of abuse, where there are intermittent periods of reward (kindness, affection, promises of change) amidst the abuse and manipulation. This can feel so normalised that we […]

A Tale of Two Brains – The Difference Between Men and Women

“A Tale of Two Brains” is a popular and entertaining YouTube video that presents a humorous exploration of the differences between the male and female brains. Using humor and exaggeration, the video highlights the ways in which men and women think, communicate, and approach relationships differently, touching on topics such as multitasking, language processing, and […]

Why Some People Struggle to Commit

Understanding the Complexities of Relationship Dynamics and Strengthening Bonds Committing to a relationship can be a complex process, and it is not always easy to navigate. While some people find it easy to commit, others struggle with the idea of giving up their independence, their fear of being hurt, or losing themselves in the process. […]

How to enjoy not being ready for a relationship

Woman in Headphones

Attracting the right friends and potential partners requires a solid foundation of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-love. Unfortunately, many people overlook this crucial step and end up attracting the wrong people into their lives. So how can you get yourself in a solid, non-needy position to attract the right friends and potential partners? Ten ways to […]

How to Positively End Friendships That Go Out of Balance

Friendships are important for our social and emotional wellbeing. However, there are times when a friendship becomes unbalanced, and one person is struggling more than the other. It can be challenging to end these types of friendships when we care about the other person, but it’s necessary to protect our energy and mental health. When […]

Boost your life with Headway book summary app

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find the time to read all the books we want to, especially in the areas of psychology, business, relationships, and self-development. However, with the Headway app, accessing high-quality book summaries has never been easier. Headway is an app that offers a vast library of book summaries […]

30 Ways to fall in love with someone’s soul

Falling in love with someone’s soul is a unique and profound experience. It is a connection that goes beyond physical attraction, and instead focuses on the inner beauty of a person. When we fall in love with someone’s soul, we are drawn to their character, values, and beliefs, and find ourselves feeling a deep sense […]

Navigating Narcissism: How to Establish and Maintain Boundaries with a Narcissistic Parent

Introduction Dealing with a narcissistic parent can be an emotionally exhausting and daunting task, especially when you visit or stay with them. Narcissistic individuals often display a pattern of self-centeredness, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy, which can make it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. In this article, we will explore […]

The Puzzle of Self-Help: Why We Excel at Helping Others but Struggle with Our Own Problems

Unlocking the Secrets to Achieving Personal Growth while Empowering Others Do you ever wonder why it’s often so much easier to help others with their problems than to sort out our own? In this fascinating article, we’ll delve into the sociological and psychological reasons behind this intriguing phenomenon. We’ll also offer tips and techniques on […]

The Art of Saying No: Setting Boundaries for a Balanced Life

As compassionate human beings, it is only natural for us to want to help others when they are in need. However, there are times when our assistance may not be beneficial, especially when dealing with individuals who struggle to help themselves. In these instances, setting boundaries becomes crucial for maintaining a balanced life, fostering healthy […]

Why do we often fall for the wrong person?

As human beings, we are wired to seek out comfort and familiarity in our relationships. This is why it is not uncommon for us to fall for the wrong person, as they often remind us of past traumas and make us feel comfortable in a familiar, yet unhealthy dynamic. When we have experienced traumatic events […]

Dating a Baggage Smuggler

Are you tired of dating people who seem perfect on the surface, only to discover their baggage once you’ve already gotten physically intimate with them? You’re not alone. It seems like more and more people are hiding their baggage when they first start dating, only revealing it once they’ve already gotten close to someone. But […]


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